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Juice Detox has been created for those who want to feel more energised, and revitalised. 

Our Juice Detox is a great way to clean your body from toxins. 

What are the benefits of Juice Detox?

  • It helps to reset and clean your gut. By giving your body a break from all the food intake and stress it needs to deal with every day, your body has time to recharge and reset making your feel powerful again. 
  • It helps to eliminate toxins from your body.
  • It helps to boost metabolism.
  • It helps to increase energy levels.
  • It helps to lose extra weight.
  • Helps with hydration which makes your skin glow!

Our cold pressed juices will help you to reset your body, and mind.

  • Made from fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Freshly cold pressed
  • Vegan friendly
  • No added sugar
  • We also add a few drops of flaxseed oil to increase vitamin absorption

One day plan includes five bottles of cold-pressed juice, and an immune boosting shot for a good start of your day.

The three day plan includes 15 bottles of cold-pressed juice, and three immune boosting shots.

How long does my juice detox take to arrive?

You will be required to order your plan with 48 hours notice. For example, if you wish to start juice detoxing on a Wednesday, please place your order by Monday 7pm. However, to have it delivered for Monday, the order would have to be placed by Thursday 7pm.

How many juices will I be drinking per day?

One day consists of five 330ml juices made from fresh and local fruit and veggies, along with a 60ml ginger shot to kick things off in the morning. 

How do I know which juice to drink first?

Your order comes with our Fab Juice Detox Guide, which contains full juice information you will need to effectively complete your cleanse.

Am I going to lose weight on a cleanse?

This answer varies as everyone is different, and the main aim of juice detoxing is to nourish the body, make you feel lighter and more energised. It is a good practise to have one day of juicing after eating unhealthy, or when feeling tired - Fab Juice Detox is a great way to boost the energy that is hiding in you!

Can you still exercise while on a juice detox?

We recommend you stick to lighter workout, as you may notice loss of energy due to lower calorie intake during this time. The best is to listen to your body, don’t over do it if you feel so, your body knows best. Yoga, pilates, walking, or slow jogging would be a perfect choice. 

Can I drink tea or coffee as part of a juice detox?

We recommend not to drink caffeine containing liquids during detoxing. The Fab Ginger Shot is a great morning coffee replacement, aiming to wake you up.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We like to support local farmers and suppliers and that is where all of our produce comes from.

Are the juices diluted with water?

Absolutely not! Our juices are 100% made out of fresh veggies and fruits only.

Do juices contain sugar or sweeteners?

We do not add anything to our juices apart from fruits and vegetables. Juices contain naturally occurring sugars only. 

Can I drink anything other that juice while completing my cleanse?

We recommend drinking plenty of water and herbal teas. Warm fluids are a great choice to warm up your body.

Can I eat any solid food while I am cleansing?

Preferably not, as best is to stick to juices and fluids only. Although, if you find it very difficult, we advise adding 1 meal a day, like light vegetable salad, or a veggie soup.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Although the Fab Juice Detox is full of amazing and healthy ingredients, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your health care professional prior to considering detoxing.

I have diabetes/medical condition. Can I juice detox?

We recommend you consult your doctor or health care professional prior to considering detoxing.

I am experiencing headaches and lack of energy. Should I stop detoxing?

These symptoms are very common. This is because the toxins are leaving your body, and you consume fewer calories than what your body is used to. Drink plenty of water, but above all, always listen to your body, and pause the detox, if you feel really fatigued.

How often can I cleanse?

We truly believe that everyone is different and we should listen to our bodies when it comes to cleansing. For some, it would be fine to juice cleanse couple of times a year, when others would prefer to do it more regularly, for example every two months. It is also a good practise to have a one day of juicing after having an unhealthy weekend or feeling bloated or fatigued to get the good energy back and feel lighter.



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