Our brain needs 21 days to break a habit

Every year, we increase our age by 1 number and it is not only this figure that is changed, it is also the way our bodies function and respond to the outside environment.

We tend to buy a lot of anti ageing products, which should prevent and reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve the condition of our skin. How we treat our bodies is what matters the most. We tend to forget that we need to care of our inside body in the same way as we do of our outside look. What we eat and how we eat, significantly affects not only our well-being but also our hormones, and the way our human bodies function. 

Although it is not easy to re-program our thinking and change our bad habits- it is really worth a try.  Our brain needs 21 days to break a habit. Give yourself those 21 days and see how much better, healthier and more positive you can feel after this time. 

What should we eat to stay younger for longer?

1. Green vegetables especially broccoli, watercress and spinach. 
2. Red bell peppers which contain a lot of antioxidants. They also provide a high amount of Vitamin C.
3. Nuts which help to repair damaged skin and give our skin a glowy look. 
4. Avocado contains a lot of fatty acids and a lot of vitamins such as K, C and A. Again this delicious fruit gives our skin a better look. 
5. Sweet potatoes which have a lot of vitamin A. 
6. Pomegranate which is considered as a healing fruit. Again it contains a lot of antioxidants and it helps to slow down the ageing process. 

Water is another very important element. We should drink about 2 litres of water a day even if we don't feel thirsty. 

Remember that healthy eating does not have to be boring. What would you say for a delicious banana pancakes with blueberries for breakfast or delicious beluga burgers with baked carrot and sprinkle of pomegranate for lunch? Not to mention our heavenly delicious and healthy desserts. We are here to help you make better and healthier choices, to make you feel better both physically and mentally. Our meal plans are free from wheat and refined sugar and include a lot of anti-ageing ingredients.

It's your job to take care of your own body and make it look healthier and younger for longer.

Stay healthy !

With love,

Fab Box

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