Delicious Day

Five delicious, healthy,
and balanced meals
delivered to you daily.
Ranging from
1,500 - 2,500 calories.

Choose from Protein,
Balanced, Vegetarian
and Vegan plans.

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Fab Office

Need more flexibility?
This plan provides
three meals per day.
Ranging from
800-1,200 calories.

Choose from Protein,
Balanced, Vegetarian,
and Vegan plans.

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Fab Detox

Clean and re-energise
your body with our
Juice Detox.

Choose a plan for
one, or three days.

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Sirtfood Diet

Lose weight like
Adele did!
Feel lighter, healthier
and younger!

Choose from Vegetarian
or Balanced plans.

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Fab Family

2 Lunches + 2 Dinners
to share with members
of your family.

Choose from
Balanced, Vegetarian
and Vegan plans.

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Fab Goodies

Healthy and delicious
Fab Goodies are
great on the go snack.

Choose from
Fabulous Energy Balls,
and Super Healthy Shots!

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Welcome to Fab Box Healthy Meal Plans

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We have nutrition covered

Hand selected ingredients
Healthy meal plans
Sustainable packaging
Delivered respecting social distancing
Let's all be healthy in Twenty-Twenty!

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Start the day,
and your body
with a nutritious boost!

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Fresh and high quality ingredients
Blended & prepared daily
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Fab Body Detox Plans

6 Fabulous Facts about our Food

Fuel your body with our healthy, and nourishing food!

Free from refined sugar

Always fresh ingredients

Free from wheat

Planet friendly packaging

Flavours from around the world

Macronutrient balanced meals

Our Meals are hand prepared and planned out to meet your bodies needs

Why F A B   B O X !

Our produce comes from local farmers, and other businesses alike.
We provide you with nourishing and healthy food, which will help you stay energised throughout the whole day.
Our meal plans start from 1500 kcal a day.
You choose the amount you want, and we do the rest.
You don't have to leave your house, you don't have to do the meal planning.
We take care of your nutrition, and deliver your fabulous meals straight to your door.
We are committed to protecting our planet.
Our meal boxes are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.
Our meals are free from wheat, and refined sugar.
No hidden ingredients, or artifical sweeteners.
Our desserts are heavenly delicious and super HEALTHY!
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